July 2011

July 2011

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Response to Student's Showcase

Maia Raimon won the Student of the Year Award
"I really enjoyed the show! Didn't everything go well with each student's performance? I brought my 11 year old neighbour with me as hubby had to stay at home to welcome house guests. She loved Elmo and Pops and was impressed with the students (she voted for Zoe to win again). The evening was pronounced "cool". High praise from a Year 7 student! I think it was her first exposure to a programme including classical music." 
Cheerio Jenny

"Just to say thank you for an awesome show last night. You have some very talented students and you have obviously worked hard with them. It was lovely to have the show in the Captain Bougainville theatre. Thanks for all your hard work." Carina

"Everything was so well organized, and you certainly know how to get the best out of children, you understand them really well. My son was determined not to play, but in the end he did and looks forward to doing it again. Amazing" Colly
After an amazing first half, where young and old enjoyed both the almost faultless performances and the thrown-ins by Elmo and Pops it was surely a difficult vote for the audience to decide who would win the 'Public Favourite'-Award 2011 PLUS $100.00 prize money. But the trophy went to Jessica Bath for her performance of 'the Swallow' by F.Burgmuller and a movement of a Sonata by W.A. Mozart. The 'Student of the Year'-award was easier, because that award is always already known in advance by Art and this year's winner of the trophy PLUS also a prize of $100.00 was Maia Raimon. Many thanks to the sponsor of the prizes, Mrs. Coppolino, who is a faithful guest at our events and lunch concerts.
The second half was exciting too, everybody really being impressed with Kaylee Anderson and Yuka Bath's performance of the second and last Movement of W.A. Mozart 23rd Piano Concerto. It was an experiment to work with orchestra sound track on the back ground, but an experiment which indeed will be repeated in future with other Piano Concertos. Thanks again all involved for a wonderful Saturday spent listening to such a variety of piano performance...


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