July 2011

July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

Awesome Piano Practise

Love of Music

You will lose friends in your life, you can lose money in your life, but music is something which stays with you whenever you have acquired a musical skill.  That is why so many people still start to learn to play the piano even when they are older. I am always amazed how much time children can devote to learning a musical skill and it is definitely worth the effort. 

Music appeals to the whole human person and has the ability to create a sense of unity in the two aspects of the brain and hence a sense of wholeness. For this reason the Greek thought of Music as the main art form, the most important of the muses, from which the word music comes from. 

There is only good and bad music and from there it is good to observe that people are getting more open for any musical style and the idea of all the good music which we have acquired over the ages. 

We have a whole support environment for people devoting themselves to sports, but very often musicians have to fend for themselves. Many of my young, especially male students, will keep it very quiet at school that they like to play the piano. Luckily that is changing, since there is so much merit in mastering an instrument well and getting familiar with all that great music ‘out there’.  Music is a Universal language and can be understood by all.

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