July 2011

July 2011

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Whilst working on the next installment of Waldstein I discovered two interesting things:

Beethoven has stayed in the Netherlands in Nov. 1783 being 11 yrs old. He played before Stadhouder William V and received fl. 63 for it. Probably he performed also one of his early sonatas out of which six years later would grow Opus 2.

Beethoven complained about the Dutch being tight on the money and always occupied with it to such an extent that he 'would never ever come back'.

A promise he kept.

Secondly I discovered that my great..grand parents Jean of Polanen and Catherina van Breederode are also the great parents of:

  • Lady Diana Spencer
  • Queen Elizebeth of Windsor
  • Queen Beatrix
  • Kaiser. Wilhelm II
  • Our own William of Orange (the Silent)
  • and even Maxima Zorreguita

Which means I can - next time I meet - call William and our Willem Alexander 'Hello Cuz...'.

To all snobs out there. I can honestly say 'I can do better than that!'

Now onwards with Opus 53...

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