July 2011

July 2011

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lunch concerts continued

I found this on the web somewhere. Great! Keep them coming! So agree with every word.... But.... temperamental foibles? Moi?


Yuka Bath is ensuring monthly lunchtime
music recitals continue
Regardless  of his temperamental foibles, piano teacher Art Zegelaar's practical imagination certainly enlivened Whangarei's musical culture. 
In particular, instead of presenting polished performances, his monthly recitals rather more revealingly illustrated work in progress. Alas, no more, now that the man with the get up and go has got up and gone.

Zegelaar, at first expecting to be away only temporarily, had persuaded one of his advanced students, Yuka Bath, to keep the lunchtime recitals ticking over. However, when it transpired that Zegelaar would not be back, Yuka decided to take them on and to imprint them with her own personality.

Zegelaar was convinced Yuka, if her abilities had been developed properly, could have become a notable pianist. Unfortunately, she had too tough a time of it. Being pushed over-hard in her formative years, she suffered numerous injuries and, as she says, "I think I had burnt out. I never touched the piano key for nearly 15 years... until I fell in love with a 
piano I met in Kaitaia. I will never give up playing the piano again."
Yuka, helping to clear up the loose ends of Zegelaar's teaching commitments, got to know Matt Watson, "when I provided the final piano lesson for his daughter Zoe. I talked about my idea and he was so happy to help me."

The enthusiastic Matt Watson is himself no mean pianist; he and Yuka make a formidable team. Having got her teeth into the recitals - which take place on the third Wednesday of each month, at noon in the Old Library - Yuka is now planning a series of Young Musicians' Concerts at lunchtime on weekends.

Yuka is hoping to open up a niche, to create opportunities for players of different instruments and from diverse backgrounds to both entertain the public and broaden their musical horizons. The first one is on Sunday at 1 pm.

Don't just wish her every success - it's far better you pack some sandwiches, go along, and make it happen. For emails of forthcoming recitals and concerts, or to enquire about taking part, email Yuka at jjgenki@xtra.co.nz.

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